Partnership Approach for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes

One of our goals is to become a partner with New York State healthcare facilities. We're not just providing therapists to treat residents in their facilities. We understand the business of post acute care. A partnership with Rehab Resources will align you with a company that has these characteristics:

  1. Innovation - state of the art clinical programs.
  2. Responsive - our delivery model and customer focused mentality enable us to respond quickly to your needs and goals
  3. Reliable - our proven reliability means you can count on us to deliver resident centered care.

We are part of your interdisciplinary team.  We work closely with nursing and CNA staff to ensure that each patient receives superior quality care.  In addition, we ensure residents achieve the highest level of functional independence possible, and continue care after discharge from rehab.  We screen every resident regularly, and are available to meet for utilization reviews to provide critical therapy information and discuss patient screens, declines, or functional changes.  We are committed to working closely with nurses and CNA's to develop interventions to positively impact these areas of concern.

Contact Rehab Resources for information about staffing and management for your rehab department in New York State.

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