A Fabulous Future for Physical & Occupational Therapists

Rehab Resources is a US employer that offers sponsorship of foreign trained physical therapists and occupational therapists. We will work on behalf of new employees to obtain an H-1B or TN Visa, and offer special assistance with relocation and housing as needed. We are only located in Central and Upstate New York in NY state. A New York state PT or OT license is required.

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Rehab Resources also welcomes candidates with an OPT Student Visa. The Optional Practical Training (OPT) program is generally a 1-2 year permit to work after completing a US college program on the F-1 student visa. Rehab Resources is an e-verify company and eligible therapists may apply for a STEM extension.

An H-1B is a "Temporary Professional Worker " visa, available to individuals with a four-year bachelor's degree from the U.S. or abroad seeking a "Specialty Occupation" position with a United States employer. The visa is available for a maximum of six years and also can lead to permanent residency. Many workers on H1-B visas obtain permanent resident visas (the "green card") during their initial stays in the U.S.

The TN visa is for Canadian citizens (TN-1) to work in the United States in very specific occupations, which include Physio/Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. There are certain educational requirements including Baccalaureate degree or state/provincial/federal license. Citizens of Mexico are also eligible for TN-2 visas. The requirements for Mexican citizens are similar to the requirements for H-1B visas. Applicants for the TN-2 (Mexican citizens) should see the H-1B visa description.

Refer to www.immigrationsupport.com for more information about the process.

Rehab Resources offers Foreign Trained Therapists:

  • Complete assistance with the Visa process. We submit applications and all your paperwork, and no lawyer is necessary.
  • Relocation assistance available
  • Housing assistance available
  • Generous Benefits Package
  • Introduction to our foreign therapist network
  • Bonus for referring other foreign trained therapists who join our team
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