Standardized Assessments

Rehab Resources implements standardized assessments across all disciplines, for "apples to apples" comparisons for functional outcomes.  This leads to a true assessment of the facility's rehab success and comparison to benchmarks.

Tracking Functional Outcomes Measures

Rehab Resources tracks and reports on functional outcomes measures. Measurement of clinical outcomes is essential in enabling patients and clinicians to assess the effectiveness of treatment interventions. Rehab Resources captures patient outcome data, including satisfaction surveys and functional assessment tool scores in every location.

Changes in Healthcare Outcome Data

Outcome measures allow us to capture and objectively measure data to improve the standards of care for rehab.   As CMS moves toward value-based payment models, collecting and comparing data in common ways is vital.

Payers continue to move toward outcome-based reimbursement.  Patients now research providers in evaluating their healthcare options.  Outcome data offers performance benchmarking and helps families and referral sources gauge the intensity and value of therapy services.  Outcome data is particularly useful in developing care pathways with physicians and managed care plans.

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