Our therapy experts can facilitate results-oriented programs such as fall prevention, wound healing, and pain management.  We provide training and clinical support with on-site experts.  This ensures better care, shorter stays and higher patient satisfaction.

Our proven modalities and protocols help therapists treat underlying impairments.  With training and appropriate modalities, we can treat pain instead of just managing it.  Rehab Resources comprehensive programs can help reduce inflammation and edema.   When we manage pain and inflammation, we can accelerate the introduction of traditional rehabilitation therapies for better results.

Rehab Resources leadership team members will be consistently on-site for training and mentoring of the therapy team.  Therapy staff participate in regular in-service on a variety of topics including RUGs, MDS and therapy.  They have 24-hour access to an online resource library of continuing education resources.  Nursing in-services are available as regulatory changes indicate a change in guidelines and requirements.  Presentations and handouts on over 20 modules are currently available.