Rehab Resources uses a close proximity management style. We strongly believe in dedicating full-time staff to our partner facilities. Employing full-time, salaried therapists allows staff to manage caseloads and cultivate relationships with nursing home staff.

Rehab Resources therapy solutions will maximize financial reimbursement for your facility. We believe in becoming an integral part of each facility we serve, and feel that it is critical to work with our facilities to develop programs and strategies to effectively maximize financial reimbursements, maintain achieved RUG levels and ensure that both nursing and therapy documentation are supportive of the level of care being provided.

Our record keeping software allows us to efficiently document and schedule patients, export electronic bills, and maximize reimbursement of RUG levels. In turn, this system provides your administration and our staff with more precise information about each patient, helping increase reimbursements and better quantify improvements in resident satisfaction, therapy utilization, and profitability.

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