Rehab Resources places a priority on technology, and we are committed to providing the latest in technology and training to all our facilities. The benefits from both a business standpoint and clinical standpoint are clear. Using ipads and mobile apps for communication, documentation and tracking, we increase the efficiency of our therapists. This also ensures accurate entry of treatments and service times and improves compliance for therapy services delivered.

Having real-time information on resident status helps our rehab directors optimize communicate with the entire interdisciplinary team.

Real time information and reporting is crucial to success. Rehab Resources utilizes the industry's most innovative therapy management software, Rehab Optima. Rehab Optima is an advanced software platform that streamlines the therapy management process and maximizes efficiency, productivity and profitability for our partners. Rehab Resources understands how critical the right tools are to deliver operational excellence and performance for a facility. Our system:

  • Manages, documents, and tracks all aspects of patient care
  • Enhances quality of documentation
  • Built in compliance feature to prompt users to select the appropriate code and rules
  • Tracks ADRs and denials
  • Detailed documentation and historical tracking of ADR process

State of the art technology and expert remote monitoring allow Rehab Resources to facilitate efficient practice management. Rehab Optima facilitates off-site operational reporting, time management and clinical oversight while tracking rehab minutes continuously for clinical and billing purposes.

We also provide accurate therapist staffing data to support the PBJ report. Contact Rehab Resources for further details on therapist staffing solutions for your New York State facility.

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