While our corporate office is in Oswego, New York, we provide rehabilitation therapy throughout New York State. Contact us today for more information about available locations for staff.

As a leader in the rehab staff community in Upstate and Northern New York, Rehab Resources partners with short term rehab, SNF, skilled nursing, hospital, outpatient, school and residential facilities for therapist staffing. This includes long term, permanent placement and complete management of the rehab program. In addition, we provide short term or contract coverage, perdiem or seasonal therapist coverage as needed and will work with your facility.

Rehab Resources is dynamic. We recognize that every customer and every facility has individual and unique needs. Our goal is to partner with your facility to determine what your priorities are, and then customize a therapy program tailored to fit your needs.
Several factors that can affect your facility's revenue include CMI Score, length of stay, Part A and Part B utilization, program development, screening, staffing, effective RUG management, and Medicare compliance.
Rehab Resources can help you identify potential revenue streams.

At Rehab Resources our customers come first. Meeting the needs of each patient by actively maintaining caseloads is our goal. We do this by empowering full time staff who become part of the fabric of your facility. Because our therapists are salaried and are not paid based on productivity, we have had great success in staffing both urban and rural settings.

What sets us apart from other rehabilitation providers is our philosophy and the many ways we can help you improve the quality of care at your facility. Rehab Resources administrators have decades of therapy management experience. We provide quality care for all of our patients and are very attentive to their healthcare needs. We maintain caseloads by having full-time, salaried staff and use a close proximity management style. More managers plus fewer facilities equals increased attention to your facility.

We are the resource on industry changes, and dedicate significant resources to ensure that clinicians are current with industry and regulatory changes as well as advancements in therapy practice. This leads to improving the quality of therapy services. Rehab Resources also keep our staff and clients up to date with new regulations, creating win-win partnerships with all of our facilities.

The healthcare industry currently faces many changes and will for years to come. Rehab Resources strives to be proactive by providing each therapist with the education and knowledge necessary to maintain quality services. We believe in the therapy we provide and want to ensure that the documentation of our services matches the level of care that is being delivered. We are dedicated to being a leader in the provision of therapy services in Upstate New York.